Garden Givers

“Garden Givers” is a movement of gardeners to give a tenth or more of garden and fruit produce to those in need

gardenerYou can be part of this movement!

Ways to do this:
Contribute a tenth or more from your garden or orchard.
Expand your garden and give the increase away.
Reactivate a forgotten garden or orchard.

Keep in mind:
Your local food shelf is a wonderful resource to assure that food goes to those who need it, without undermining your local merchants.
Freshness of fruit and vegetables matters, so keep shelf life in mind, even in deciding what to plant.

   Steps you can take:
Talk this up!  Are you part of a church, a civic group, or some other gathering where you can share the idea of Garden Givers?
Post copies of this page where gardeners will see it. Click here to download (pdf document)
Visit your local food shelf.  Ask about the best way to partner with them.