About Our Denomination

In the nineteenth century in Sweden a group of people gathered in small groups to study the Bible together and to share with each other the joy of new life in Christ. They also loved to sing, and their songs expressed their joy and the need to tell others about their faith. Two questions summarized their faith: “Are you alive in Jesus?” and “Where is it written?” They called themselves the “Mission Friends.” Many of these Mission Friends migrated to the United States and Canada to start churches. In 1885 representatives of Mission Friend churches met in Chicago and on February 20th of that year they formed a denomination that became known as the Swedish Evangelical Mission Church of America, which today is called the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The Evangelical Covenant Church considers itself one with the whole body of Christ which includes all who profess Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and God, and the Bible as the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine and conduct. The five affirmations of the Evangelical Covenant Church are the authority of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16), the necessity of being born again (John 3:3-8), the church as a fellowship of believers (Galatians 3:28), the freedom of Christians (Galatians 5:1; Romans 6:17-18) and the work of the Holy Spirit (John 16:13).

The purpose of the Evangelical Covenant Church is to make known the good news of saving faith in Jesus Christ, to encourage a Christ-like life among it’s congregations and their members and to carry out Christ’s redeeming work of love, mercy and justice in the world.

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