3 Primary Signs You Have To Call An Exterminator

Do you have an infestation? Are you experiencing problems with bed bugs, mice, or/and ants? If you do, you need the services of an exterminator. Many people fear having to deal with parasites that have invaded their homes. We all know how these unwanted guests are a menace to homeowners and difficult to deal with. They are known to cause serious damage if left alone. Let’s not forget the smell they can leave or the sounds they create.

All these are problems that come with having rodents and other harmful ants and insects within your property. The primary work of an exterminator is to help you deal with these problems. A professional exterminator has the right tools, knowledge, and skill to deal with these infestations.

How do you know that you need the services of a talented and experienced exterminator? This is the million-dollar question. Below are a few signs to look for: –

i) Feeling The Problem (infestation) Is Serious

The extent of the problem is a factor one has to consider. In other words, you have to assess the extent of the problem before calling an exterminator. The two or three ants you see in your home should not make you worry. That is because you can get rid of them easily yourself. This applies to a mouse as well. If you see one around the backyard should not be a cause you concern, because you can use a trap.

However, the moment you begin to see a colony of ants, mice, or other rodents, it is time to call a professional. If you are not sure if your situation is serious, talk to an exterminator.

ii) Tried But Failed

If you have tried to handle the infestation yourself, but failed, then it is time to talk to a professional. Sometimes trapping mice or rats is not enough. This also applies to ants and other insects. Different situations call for different actions. For example, to remove ants, you have to identify their colony and attack them from there.

iii) Safety

When it comes to extermination, you have to think about the safety of your family first. Remember, some of these chemicals are dangerous/poisonous to breathe in. Some produce toxic fumes. To avoid the danger that comes with this, it is wise to contact a professional exterminator.

Always call a professional and experienced exterminator if you feel the whole thing is dangerous. There is no need to place your family in danger. Exterminators have the right tools, knowledge, and technique to tackle the problem.


If you identify pests in and around your property, it is wise to first determine if the problem is a one-time thing or a reoccurrence. If it is a repetitive occurrence, then you have a pest problem and you should contact a professional.